Foreign Exchange Services

Managing foreign exchange exposure requires market insight, trading knowledge and industry expertise. Through our long standing partnership with one of the world's leading foreign exchange brokers, Peregrine & Black are able to offer corporate and personal foreign exchange services

Corporate Clients

If your business imports or exports goods and services, or receives and makes payments in foreign currencies, you need to consider how you will protect yourself against changes in the exchange rate. We can manage your foreign exchange risk and offer solutions to cut costs and increase profitability. Our corporate service not only ensures that you receive the best rates of exchange on spot and forward contracts but we also work closely with our clients’ businesses to put a strategy in place to optimise the timing of your currency purchase.

Our partnership enables clients to make fast and secure international transfers at the best exchange rates wherever in the world you want to send it. If you are buying property, emigrating permanently or need to make a one off payment, we will help you manage the risk of buying foreign currency so you can make the most of your money.

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